Bury FC happy with Coach Flitcroft

It’s been a little over a year since David Flitcroft took charge of the League Two club, Bury FC and the coach from England has analyzed everything he has accomplished since being appointed as the coach and Flitcroft believes that it has been a very positive progression for him and the club.

“Certainly as a football club and as a team we are evolving and striving to get better. Have we made progress? I think 100 per cent, in every area’’

“We just need to keep having the belief that if we stick together and show the similar sort of progress we made last season, then that will continue this season and the seasons beyond that.”Flitcroft said.

When David Flitcroft was selected as the coach of Bury FC on December of 2013, the club was on the brink of entering the relegation zone but things took a huge turn as Flitcroft pushed the team to a 12th spot finish.

Bury FC has recently sustained a number of negative results in the English League Two which has hampered their chances of securing a promotion spot but they still are capable of snatching a top spot despite the streak of underwhelming performances and this evidence of the impact and influence that Flitcroft has made since arriving to the team.

The recent slump that Bury FC is going through has seen the club slipping out of the promotion spots in the English League Two for the first time since August and Flitcroft has attempted to motivate his squad but they are still struggling to get back on track.

Despite everything that has occurred Flitcroft remains confident that his squad are capable of turning things around and replicate the performances that they have been earlier in the season.