Bury managed to put in a decent performance in the defeat against Sheffield United at home on Saturday. Shaun Harrad had given his team an equaliser going into the first half, but Sheffield United made a couple of changes in the second half that proved to be the difference between the two teams. The League One team ultimately managed a 3-1 victory, but manager Kevin Blackwell has said that he can take a lot of positives out of this match. Blackwell believes that with the addition of a few players in the transfer window, his team will be able to match the best in the League Two    .

Bury will be one of the favourites to secure promotion in the coming season, but Blackwell reckons that the club can do extremely well with the addition of four marquee names before the close of the transfer window. He has said that there are different qualities of players. He currently has the lowest amongst a grade of three, and he says that he could certainly do well with the players belonging to the top grade. Former Arsenal youth team keeper Charles Cook has become the 11th signing of the season for the club. Bury will be looking into the loan market in order to strengthen his squad.

“There are category A, B and C players in terms of wage bracket and, so far, I have brought in some C wage bracket (players) as opposed to A – I need four As. I have seen a shift in the last four or five days in what people think and maybe their mindset, and I think that will shift again between now and August 3 (the start of the League Two season). There are some players who think they are going to get signed by clubs who are let go, so we need to be patient,” said Blackwell.