David Flitcroft wants his senior players to step it up

Bury FC played their 14th league match of the season on October 18th as they faced off with AFC Wimbledon in a match that concluded with Bury FC losing 1-2 and this was the 5th successive league loss in the team of David Flitcroft.

Flitcroft is the coach of Bury FC and he believes that in order to help the current situation of the club, the senior players have to step it up. The 42 year old English spoke to the press after his side lost against AFC Wimbledon and he said:

‘’I have brought some very good, experienced players to this football club but it was the likes of Niall Maher who really stood up in the 2nd half and that was excellent but I’m not wanting Niall at this stage of his career to be outstanding, I want my experienced players to stand out in those moments’’

‘’I’m massively disappointed that we haven’t learned something from all those defeats, drawn a line in the sand, seen the game out for a point, and then we could have built on from that. Second half was better for us because we found a rhythm’’ David Flitcroft of Bury FC said.

David Flitcroft praised the performance of Niall Maher as he managed to make his presence felt and tried to push the team forward in a difficult match and this is what the manager wants his older players to do and get that same kind of attitude which they appear to lose in certain matches and situations.

These consecutive defeats that Bury FC has been sustaining for the past few weeks is something that David Flitcroft is hoping that can stop soon as their position in English League One is slowly slipping and this has even started to affect the spirit of the team.