Bury FC Lose Bid at EFL

Bury FC needs to step up the fight to gain back their position in football league since the recent football league meeting saw their admittance to League Two lost out on bids. The club had put in a bid to play next season for the English Football League; the proposal that they provided was that the club is allowed to come back to the second league or be readmitted. The proposal was put forward to the member club meeting of the English Football League. The meeting comprises of 71 members and as per the rules and norms, their bid was not successful.

The club had been struggling to keep its position and there had been a plan for takeover so that the club can be renewed. However, the takeover bid did not work through. There have been supporters who came up with a plan to help Bury get a re-entry in League Two. The bid was even supported by the Mayor of Greater Manchester and local MPs. However, there is more support required as EFL made it evident when they considered the terms of the proposal.

The executive chairperson stated that it was a difficult decision that the board had to take whereby they withdrew membership status from the club. This was the decision made since no other resolution was put forward. Efforts have been made by the club’s supporters and EFL also engaged with them and discussed the issues with the different members. However, it is a fair decision upholding the pyramid of the country’s football structure across clubs and the same principles and rules apply to all.

Meanwhile, many of the prominent players move onto other teams but what remain is the youngsters who had been enrolled into the academy associated with the club and who also form the future for the club.