Bury FC has stopped their pursuit of Tom Aldred

It seems Bury FC has stopped their pursuit of Tom Aldred for some reason.

The defender was on the radar of the club a while back and there was even a meeting held between him and Lee Clark who is managing the Shakers at the moment and it was believed that Clark had put a 3-year contract on the table for Aldred in that meeting.

But, all of a sudden after that, there was a change of heart for Clark and he opted for a couple of other defenders leaving the Aldred deal in the cold box and recently, he said that he wouldn’t be making any more additions to his defence department this summer which clearly meant that the arrival of Aldred to the Shakers camp was out of the question, at least for now.

This is somewhat surprising because Clark had worked with Aldred before. In fact, he was the one who had brought him to Pool when he was at the helm at Bloomfield Road and he was pretty keen on reuniting with him, but, it wasn’t to be and the 26-year old would now have to look for another destination as his current deal with Pool has already expired.

According to the sources, Pool doesn’t want Aldred to leave and has even talked to him about an extension, but, Aldred himself is willing to explore other options and doesn’t want the continuation of his tenure at Pool and there is only a negligible chance that he would turn up in the Pool jersey the next season.

While Bury has withdrawn itself from the race of acquiring Aldred, there are a couple of clubs which are still chasing him. Blackburn is one of them, while, the other is Wigan, the two clubs which have recently been demoted from the second to the third tier of English Football.