Barnsley Extend Contract With CK Beckett

Barnsley’s head coach Danny Wilson has added Ken Hemmings to the squad but that is not the only change the club has seen in this summer as the League One club has announced to the public their extension with their current and main sponsor CK Beckett.

The new deal will begin at the start of the upcoming season and will last at least 2 more campaigns as CK Beckett signed a new shirt deal with Barnsley which includes having the company’s name on both the home and away kits.

The new contract is going to see Barnsley giving away more than 100 complimentary tickets to schoolchildren every single week.  Ben Mansford is the chief executive of Barnsley FC and he went on to the media expressing his satisfaction about the new deal that has been made between both parties.

Mansford said: “Barnsley football club have enjoyed a special relationship with CK Beckett for more than six years now. We’ve developed a truly great partnership and we’re thrilled to have a local company as our principal sponsors.”

The managing director of CK Beckett spoke in the name of the company as he went on saying just how much of an honor it is for them to continue working with the English club.

Kevin Beckett, managing director at CK Beckett, added: “It’s a great honour to be able to extend our sponsorship and partnership with Barnsley Football Club. The football club is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, brand in Barnsley and being the club’s main sponsor is a brilliant opportunity to get the CK Beckett name out there.

This deal will continue allowing CK Beckett of having enough exposure with the club that they consider being one of the biggest in their region.